Why I Run

“There will come a day when I can no longer run…



As I sit here, the week of my 4th Half marathon,  I think about all of the reasons why I love running. I think as a blogger, that will be talking about running, you should know how I started and why I never stopped.

In December 2011, my second child was born. I had only lost about 80% of the weight I put on from my first pregnancy and I was nervous about how I would manage to get back in shape now that I had two children to care for and more pounds to lose.

Running seemed like the easy solution.

Up until this time, I was not a runner. I had done X-Country in middle school over 10 years earlier and ran a 5k or two, in my late teens, for fun.

With a husband, two kids and a 3rd shift job, I needed something I could do anywhere, anytime, without the cost of an expensive gym membership.

So after being medically cleared, I started up Couch to 5k and I’ve never looked back. I won’t say that I didn’t have my moments where I wanted to quit (and I still do) but after a great mind-clearing run on a tough day or a new PR, I know I was meant to run.

My "first" 5k St Pats. 3/9/12
My “first” 5k
St Pats. 3/9/12

And after 8 weeks of challenging walk/runs following C25K, I completed my first 5k (3/9/12). It wasn’t long after That race that I was registered for the Providence Rock and Roll Half Marathon (8/19/12). I didn’t know if I was crazy or just determined to keep running but I looked up training plans and got my butt out there and did it.

The reason I chose RnR as my first Half brings me to another reason why I started running in the first place. My Aunt would be running it! My Aunt is one of my biggest running inspirations. Now 72, she is still running long distances. She pushes through even when the going gets tough. She gave me advice when I started running and talked me through the pain and discomforts I felt in the beginning. She still randomly reminds me that even when I have a bad run, it does not mean that I’ll never have another great one. I love that running has brought us closer together and given us something to connect on. (Plus having a race buddy that dominates her age division at almost every race isn’t too shabby either.)

My aunt and I after Rock n Roll Providence 8/19/12
My aunt and I after Rock n Roll Providence 8/19/12


When I started running , I thought, I’d lose the weight and stop running. I never thought I would be a runner for life. I never thought I would NEED to run.  There are days when I know I just have to lace up my shoes and go for a run. It makes everything better!

Tough day at work? RUN ~~ Crazy day with the kids? RUN ~~ Extra piece of dessert the night before? RUN

And once I started getting more into the running community, following groups, reading blogs, talking to other runners, I fell even more in love with the sport. The running community is the best that there is!

The final reason I can think of as to why I continue to run is that you never know who you are inspiring.

my 4 year old @ Monster Dash 2012
my 4 year old @ Monster Dash 2012

My son loves to run! It warms my heart when he talks about that race (pictured above) and asks when he can run another one. He asks to ride his bike alongside me as I run and he always wants to be active. I know part of it is just because he’s a kid with endless energy but I’d also like to think it’s because he sees me being active.

I have also had other people mention that my running has inspired them. To me that is incredible. I would never have guessed that my turtle pace and choppy training would be inspiring. But I push on. And hearing that I inspire someone, even a little bit, keeps me going.

Running has changed my life, for the better. I am so happy I took that first step!


How long have you been running?

Why do you run?

Who is your inspiration?

9 thoughts on “Why I Run

  1. Jess – first of all, nice blog! This post has actually inspired me to consider that couch to 5k program…thanks for posting the link! But question for you….what do you do in the winter? I def don’t want to buy a gym membership! lol

    • Thanks Angela! It feels so good to hear people say that! I LOVED C25K. It gently builds you up and really works. I ended up buying a treadmill off of Craigslist so I could fit a run anytime and it helps in the winter. But I prefer to run outside (as long as its not icy). I look forward to the cold weather running!

  2. How long have you been running? I have been running since 2010. I have taken a couple breaks from it but always seem to come back.

    Why do you run? I run for weight loss. I run to prove that I can. I run so that I can have some time out time for mommy.

    Who is your inspiration? I am inspired by any person who gets out there and does it. Especially when they have so many other things on their plate, but still make this time for them….

  3. I run to prove I can. I used to athletic in high school- then let myself go. I started running to prove I can still do it, AND hopefully lose some weight. I LOVE C25K- I am on Week 5 now and pushing through! I also love those cool running outfits and shoes that runners (me!) get to wear! 🙂

    • I love the bright colors of running gear. But my husband jokes that I always wear discreet colors so no one sees me running. (I live in the city that I dispatch for so all of my coworkers are constantly out driving around town!)

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