August Recap / September Goals

August is my favorite month, with October being close second. I am not a big fan of the hot, humid days we experience in Rhode Island but I love August.

First, because its my BIRTHDAY month!! This year I turned TWENTY-FIVE. I have always loved counting down the days until my birthday but as the years tick on, I find myself doing it less and less. Either way I still love celebrating and in the summer, the possibilities are endless.

This August was a tough one, my husband and I suffered the loss of a loved one. With amazing family and friends, we were able to celebrate the life of our loved one. And with two crazy kids keeping us busy alongside our brutally hectic work schedules, me carry on day to day.

I love that August is always filled with fun outdoor activities, cookouts and beach days. This year, we were able to fit in lots of fun things even if it were just a quick trip to the park with the kids.

August Recap

Ran: 30 miles – I am ashamed to even post that number. Life got in the way and excuses were easy to find. The heat also did not help! My training was not on point.

Cross-train: a little bit Cross fit. I came across an at home 30 day challenge check it out HERE

Races: NONE

Current Reads: Harry Potter (book 6) – I know I’m a little old but I never read them, so it was time!

Blogging For Dummies

Current Guilty Pleasure: The Harry Potter Series!

Current Obsession: my new laptop – trying to learn Windows 8

Current Song: Zac Brown Band – Knee Deep (I’m on vacation mode)

Blake Shelton- Guys Round Here

Train ft. Ashley Monroe – Bruises

Current Wish List: Back to school clothes for the 4 year old

Current Need: My husband and kids back home in Rhode Island (I’m down in Virginia Beach for RnR Half Marathon – recap coming soon)

Current Triumph: my 4th half marathon

Current Bane of my existence: Road Rage!

Current Indulgence: Miami Vice Drinks ~~ 1/2 Pina Colada, 1/2 Strawberry Daiquiri

Current Blessings: Family, friends and coworkers that showed so much support and love towards me and my family after our loss.

A job with great fringe benefits

Current Excitement: A few more days in Virginia Beach, going home to my husband and kids, Brady going back to preschool (only because he is so excited)

Panoramic View from my hotel balcony
Panoramic View from my hotel balcony

Favorite Moment: My surprise birthday dinner at Shogun (Hibachi)

My awesome birthday dinner crew

September Goals

  • Get my marathon training back on track.
  • Stick to my scheduled runs and get my monthly miles up!
  • Start/Finish the Crossfit 30 day Challenge to help tone different muscles
  • Complete the three Half marathons I’m registered for (1 down, 2 to go)
  • Finish the Harry Potter Series
  • Have the yard sale my husband has been hounding me about!
  • Post to my blog at LEAST 15 times
  • Learn how to build my audience and keep everyone interested in my content
  • Get back on track with Paleo and eating healthy


2 thoughts on “August Recap / September Goals

  1. One thing that is building my audience is posting comments to other people’s blogs. I feel more obligated to comment on another persons blog if I know they comment on mine. Sad but true. 😛 Good luck with your goals!

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