Growing Boys

I have the house to myself this morning. Is it nice? Yes. Relaxing? No.

Every time I go to sit down, I think of something else I can do with out 4 little helping hands getting in the way.

What I'd like to be doing right now...
What I’d like to be doing right now…

I started of the day with a nice 8 mile run. I intended to go further but I am happy with what I did.

After that, I thought about my oldest going back to school tomorrow and realized I really needed to go through his clothes! His dresser is overflowing, yet I can never find anything that fits. hmm, kind of sounds like my dresser! I started off by going through the little ones clothes. His stuff will be put aside for the yard sale I’m never going to have. What is the best part of two boys born around the same time of year? HAND ME DOWNS! I went “shopping” for Austin by pulling a tote out of the closet. His drawers are now chock full of clothes passed down from his big brother. I should have started with Brady’s clothes because I quit before I got to his side of the room.

Before I know it, he won't be "pretending" to work...
Before I know it, he won’t be “pretending” to work…

It’s amazing how quickly our children grow. Everyone always tells you that but you never know until you live it. Next month my oldest turns 5. And he can’t wait. He talks about it daily. I ask him to please not rush things and then I realize how much I sound like my mother. Two months after that, my baby will be 2. Where has the time gone?

I would love to freeze time. But I can’t, so I’ll cherish the cuddles until they are no longer as frequent. A few weeks ago, the little one became very attached to me. While it is difficult to get anything done, I secretly melted every time he’d pass up daddy and come to me. My poor husband. I know how I would have felt in his shoes.

Reaching for my phone, not me...
Reaching for my phone, not me…

I’d love to write this long post loaded with sappy quotes but the kids just got home….

….and its the football Sunday.


7 thoughts on “Growing Boys

  1. I definitely have to go through Reagan’s clothes again. She dressed herself this morning and put on pants that were entirely too short. Yikes

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. 🙂

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  2. Uh oh. I was enjoying your post until the end – not sure if I can follow a Patriots fan 🙂 I tend to jump from one thing to another when I’m home alone – it’s like I don’t know what to do with myself! Enjoy your boys — I get nostalgic for my little babies sometimes, but I honestly feel like they’ve gotten even better with age!

  3. Great blog! I hope you will accept a little blogger-to-blogger award from me – it’s called the Liebster Award and you can come check it out on my blog! Thanks!

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