My First (and hopefully last) DNS



This morning my alarm went off at 5 am. I hit snooze a couples times, tossed and turned and asked why do I do this to myself.

5:15 rolled around and it was do or die time. I needed to get out of bed.

I went down stairs to where my clothes were laid out and sleepily changed into my running gear. I grabbed a banana, packed up some water bottles, loaded my stuff into the car and set out on the road.

I drove over to my favorite coffee shop to grab a bagel and coffee. They were closed. I’ve never attempted to go there that early so who would know that they didn’t open until 6.

I gassed up the car and hopped on the highway. As I’m driving along, I’m thinking about the cool crisp air and what a good run I was going to have. I felt good, I was ready. Next thing I know, my car starts acting up. The heat turned cold, the temp gauge started “dancing” and I heard a funny noise. I knew I need to pull over and I did so just in time. As soon as I hit the breakdown lane, my car did just that. Broke down.

Panic set in. Stuck on the highway, no idea what’s wrong with my car and knowing that I wasn’t making it to the start line. I called my husband at work to vent, cry, blow off steam. Called AAA to set up a tow and waited. Then I thought, hmm once I get my car towed, then what? How am I getting home? It’s now 6:25 am  on a Sunday morning no one is going to be awake….

But ya know the good thing about having a job with crazy hours? Knowing other people with crazy hours!

I called my girlfriend at work and explained what had happened. I needed to get to my husband’s work to grab his truck so I could get home. Thankfully she would be out of work soon and she was more than willing to help out. Thanks Lee!!!

Long story short: I never made it to the race. My first DNS. Although circumstances were out of my control, I am real bummed about missing this race. It is advertised as a flat, fast course. It is along the ocean and came with some great bling (a surfboard shaped medal).

My morning proved to be the kind of day where you just should have stayed in bed.


I’m lucky that I was able to pull off the road safely and that there was a mechanic close enough to me that my tow was covered by AAA. I’m thankful for a great friend that came to the rescue. And happy to know that the random auto shop that we brought the car to has been used by another co-worker whose judgment I trust.

Not so happy about the full tank of gas in the car that no longer runs!

Now we wait. I am nervous to find out what went wrong, scared about what the costs will be and anxious about possibly having to purchase a new vehicle.

Maybe next year, Surftown, maybe next year.



10 thoughts on “My First (and hopefully last) DNS

  1. How frustrating! I’m glad you made it home okay though. I’m bummed for you! I hope the repairs aren’t great enough to cut into your race budget. Fingers and toes crossed for you!

  2. Oh man! Such a bummer. I am so sorry you missed your race. That would be like me missing a dance performance. 😦

    You will get there next year and be awesome!

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