September Recap / October Goals

Ran: 50 miles (would have been at least 63 if I didn’t miss my race!)

Cross-train: lots of miles on the bike (pulling 70 lbs worth of children) – but only because I was without a car

Races: Rock N Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon, CVS Downtown 5k *PR*, Rock N Roll Providence Half Marathon *PR*

Current Reads: Paramedic to the Prince by Patrick Notestine (I haven’t gotten far enough into it to form an opinion but I think it will be an interesting read)

Current Guilty Pleasure: Fall television. Sons of Anarchy, Chicago Fire, Greys Anatomy, Scandal!!

Current Obsession: New Car Smell


Current Song: apparently anything Rock N Roll because that’s what my 4-year-old wants to hear

Current Wish List: New schedule at work, more sleep

This license plate:


Current Need: see above & also peace of mind

Current Triumph: my 5th half marathon

Current Bane of my existence: self-centered people

Current Indulgence: homemade chocolate chip cookies

Current Blessings: a roof over my head and clothes on my back

Current Excitement: Planning a trip to North Carolina next summer for my husband’s cousin’s Wedding!

Favorite Moment: Crossing the finish Line of HM #5 and knowing I shaved SEVEN minutes off of my previous best time.

rock on


October Goals

  •  Read 3 books for personal enjoyment
  • Keep running regularly even after there are no more races to train for
  • CrossFit 30 day challenge
  • click to print!
    click to print!
  • stay active on my blog
  • focus on getting more sleep


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