MRTT Winter Virtual

As some of you may know, I am the Chapter Leader of my local MOMS RUN THIS TOWN (MRTT) group. I just started it up over the summer and we have about 20 members.

The National MRTT is hosting a winter virtual 5K, 10K and Half Marathon which runs through the month of February. Medals are sold out but you can still sign up HERE and be eligible to win prizes.


As a way to organize a group run, hopefully the first of many, I ordered 10 medals for my chapter. Check out our Facebook group if you live in Rhode Island. Its open to all women whether you have children or not. Our actual group run is scheduled for February 22nd in Providence. I am offering medals to my ladies on a first come first serve basis (see group for details). They have until January 15th to order them and then I will offer any extras to other chapters in need.

This race is a great way to stay motivated in the winter months. I cannot wait to hear you results!


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