One of the many perks of being a Sweat Pink Ambassador is access to limited review opportunities. I was given the chance to be 1 of 100 bloggers picked to review


We were asked to visit and create a blend of oatmeal that we’d like to try. Ordering was very easy through the website. It allowed you to create your own recipe or pick from previous tried and true recipes. I’m not known for easily making decisions so I decided to try a pre-designed oatmeal blend.

Dirty Banana Oatmeal

myoatmeal collage

Once my order was placed, I received immediate confirmation via email that my custom oatmeal was being prepared. Another email was sent when it was shipped and it arrived a few days later.

At first was a little intimidated by the price. I’m used to purchasing microwavable Quaker Oatmeal from the supermarket. However, once I tried the product, I knew it was worth the money.

Immediately upon opening the package, I could smell the delicious combination of oats, bananas and other delicious flavors. The package gives directions for both microwave and stove top preparation. I have tried both and I must say that stove top is a little less complicated. Both ways, produce the same quality bowl of oatmeal but there are fewer steps when using the stove.


I was very impressed with the quality of the oats. The overall thickness of the prepared oats gave it a wonderful texture and it tasted yummy!

I noticed that they did not skimp on the add-ons (bananas and dried cranberries) and every bite had something to offer. Next, I plan on making some Dirty Banana Granola with this recipe I found on their website.


I would definitely like to try other blends from, I might even get brave and create my own blend!

They also offer an Oatmeal of the Month Club that I may be signing up for in the near future.

Thank you for reading my review!


 Disclaimer: Sweat Pink and My Oatmeal provided my first package of oats for this review.

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