Boston Marathon: From a Volunteer’s POV

That’s *point of view* incase you missed it! 😉

I was lucky enough to be selected as a volunteer at the 119th Boston Marathon. It’s a wonderful tradition that my aunt and I have done for three years now.

Auntie & I

This year we were Rope Holders. Which basically means that we had to herd the runners into their corrals, like cattle. We held the rope that separated one corral from the other. It was so nice to be right there in the action. I was able to chat with the runners and hear all of the race announcements. Prior to this year, we had been in Athlete’s Village, which is also fun but I really enjoyed this new position.

Boston Strong – even in the rain!

The weather was not wonderful, to say the least. Lucky for us the rain held off until the third wave (out of four). Unfortunately for the runners, they still had 26.2 miles to run in the rain. It was a tough day for most but it didn’t affect the amazing energy we were in the middle of at the start.

I look forward to years of volunteering with this great organization at the most sought after marathon in the country! BONUS: I also get to build a rainbow collection of jackets, so far I have: yellow, blue and orange 🙂


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