My week in review {May 4 – 10}

Hey everyone!

Both of my boys started swimming lesson in preparation for summer time. This guarantees I’ll be at the gym at least twice a week – the hardest part is usually getting there, right?!

B is playing Little League Baseball and he has two games a week. The kids are so funny to watch at this age (6 & 7). Our family is so supportive, and he is constantly being surprised by family members showing up to watch him play.

M turned 7 months, she is now sitting up for extended periods of time, eating more solids and sleeping through the night!!

At my MOPS group on Tuesday, we made a beautiful craft, the story behind it really made it special.

may 5

Currently training for: B.A.A 10k on June 21st. This will be my first official 10k (yay for an automatic PR!) Two weeks after this race my official marathon training begins!

Training Program: Run Less, Run Faster 10k training plan

Monday: “Track” Intervals (I put track in quotes because I did this run on a treadmill, not a track)

1600m (@ 9:30/mile)

1200m (@9:21/mile)

800m (@9:14/mile)

400m (@9:04/mile)

with a 3 min rest in between each interval

Total Distance: 3.25 miles in 35:30 avg pace 10:55/mile

**NOTE TO SELF** my rest interval should probably be a little faster paced

I really enjoyed this workout. The pace got faster as the distance got shorter so I was really pushing the pace. I have a love/hate relationship with track workouts. While I’m doing them I feel weak, and normally want to quit. Once I have completed the run, I feel so strong and accomplished! They are always a challenge for me.

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: 4 mile tempo run in 41:20 avg pace 10:20

1 mile short tempo (10:03/mile)

1 mile easy (pace varied)

1 mile short tempo (10:03)

1 mile easy (varied)

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Rest Day – I had planned to get my long run done today but I ended up picking up some extra hours at work. ::whomp whomp::

Saturday/Sunday: *planned* 4-5 mile “long run” target pace 10:33/mile

Lately, I have been mixing in a body pump class at the gym or Zumba. Unfortunately, none of the times worked for me this week. I have noticed my running improving and the only thing that has changed is adding in the strength training. My plan is to really focus on getting that into my routine on a regular basis.

Are you training for an upcoming race?

Do you follow a specific training schedule? Do you included any speed workouts?

Do you mix in strength training? What are your favorite workouts?

Have you ever taken a Les Mills Body Pump Class? What did you think of it?

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2 thoughts on “My week in review {May 4 – 10}

  1. Good week, Jessica! I used Run Less Run Faster for one of my marathons. Now I have a triathlon coach and her run workout structure is based off RLRF, although I also do short and easy 15-20 minute runs after most bike workouts or as warmup for strength sessions. Running is my limiter (worst event relative to the others) in triathlon so the extra base miles help my economy. Good luck!

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