Weekly Training Recap {May 11-17}

Another training week in the books! After feeling guilty about missing my long run last weekend, I made this week count. I got in all my runs and added in some cross training with Body Pump!

Currently training for: B.A.A 10k on June 21st. This will be my first official 10k (yay for an automatic PR!) Two weeks after this race my official marathon training begins!

Training Program: Run Less, Run Faster 10k training plan

Monday: Track Intervals 10 x 400 (in 2:16 with 90 second rest interval)

Running a 1/4 mile in 2:16 means running 6.6 on the treadmill. That is a push for me. So while I’m over here WORKING it, I start hearing pounding from one treadmill over, I look over and the guy is running at 10.2!!! whatttt!! Then all of a sudden, the guy next to me starts speeding up. He ended with 8.5 before he was finally done. So I’m struggling at a 6.6 and these two are making it seem like I’m walking! I just had to laugh. at myself

I still had a great run and as always, I felt physically and mentally stronger once I was done. That is what I love about these tough interval runs.

I've been using the HIIT app for when I have the same interval. ie 10x400. It helps me keep track of the rounds but its impossible to set when the intervals vary.

I’ve been using the HIIT app for when I have the same interval. (ie. 10×400) It helps me keep track of the rounds but it’s not useful when the intervals vary.

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: Les Mills Body Pump –  I take this class at the gym. This week I had the pleasure of doing a new set of tracks with a different instructor. It was nice to have a change. This instructor was fun, loud and dedicated. I enjoy adding Body Pump into my routine because it’s an upbeat workout with good music.

Thursday: I had a 4 mile tempo run on my training schedule. Including my warm up I ended up doing 4.2 in 45:10 (10:42/mi avg.) My tempo pace was 10:18. I switched it up mile to mile between 10:00 and 10:30 So I know I reached that pace goal but my warm up messes with the avg. (I usually try not to include that.)

Trying not to fall off the treadmill during my cool down.
Trying not to fall off the treadmill during my cool down. LOL

I enjoy listening to music while running but it’s really annoying that my ear buds constantly slip out! I listened to the Pandora Pop and Hip-Hop Fitness Station. It has a lot of songs with upbeat tempos. I may have let a few lyrics and/or dance moves out while I was running.

Friday: rest

Saturday: 5 miles (avg pace 10:13) At this point in my RLRF 10k training, it was calling for an 8 mile run. I’m just not there yet. I started the plan two weeks late and it was already calling for 6 miles while I was only at 3. I plan to add a mile to my long run each week until the race. My primary goal is to be ready for the first long run in my marathon training, which is 8 miles. This is the only part of the training I have altered and I did so to avoid injury.

I ran 2.5 miles to the gym, to take Body Pump, and then ran home. Silly me, did not realize that the run home is pretty much all uphill. It was challenging, especially with the headwind, but I got it done. I even had someone from my neighborhood compliment me on my effort! She had seen me running past her house and then I surprised her by showing up in class. She really made my day! She’s also a runner, so hopefully we run into each other again! (pun intended)

It was starting to rain when I was getting ready to leave so I almost chickened out. I don’t mind a little rain while I’m running, I just didn’t want to show up to class, drenched. It was all good, and I ended up with a great workout and lots of calories burned!

Sunday: rest (planned)

Thanks for checking in!

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GOTR SoleMate
GOTR SoleMate

Do you have a good interval app recommendation?

What headphones do you use when exercising?

Do you have a favorite Pandora station?

Are you training for anything?

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap {May 11-17}

  1. What a great training week, Jessica! I love my Yurbuds for running; they never fall out. I’m always training, but my next race is on May 30 – yay! You’re going to love the 10K! Thanks so much for linking up with the blog!

  2. I really wanted to do the BAA 10k this year. I’m actually headed to Boston a few days after though. It’s a great race!!

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