Weekly Training Recap {June 8 – 14}

Currently training for: B.A.A 10k on June 21st. This will be my first official 10k.  Two weeks after this race my official marathon training begins!

Training Program: Run Less, Run Faster 10k training plan

I had an “okay” training week. I got my three runs in but my long run was anything but.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: Tempo 3.1 miles in 30:19 (avg. pace 9:47/mile) First run in my new Saucony’s and it felt great!! This was such a strong run for me.

Mama’s got a new pair of shoes!

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: rest

Friday: 3 x 1600m intervals @ 9:13 with 400m rest

Total: 3.75 miles in 37.40 avg pace 10:03/mile

This run felt good! I love pushing myself with intervals.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 3.19 miles in 36:31 (avg. pace 11:29/mile). This was my “long” run. Unfortunately, by the time I got on the road, I did not have much time before church. Its my fault, I was exhausted and I just could NOT bring  myself to start running. I’m okay with it though. My legs felt heavy but I was able to finish faster than I started. I’m currently doing a cleanse so I think, physically, a shorter run was a better choice anyway. I’m not sure I have the calories/energy for anything more than 3 miles.

I signed up for Skirt Sports 13er (knowing I wasn’t at half marathon capacity yet). They had an amazing deal on their virtual race that I couldn’t pass up. I was hoping to at least run a 10k but I’ll settle for the 5k

Again, not much cross training. I have still been stretching but not really posting pictures. It was getting hard to get the pose right and snap the picture with my timer! I’m hoping to get back to body bump this week. The chiropractor said he’s already seeing a lot of improvement and I can feel it.

Come back tomorrow for my Race Recap Link up!

What is your favorite way to cross train?

GOTR SoleMate
GOTR SoleMate

22 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap {June 8 – 14}

  1. I have done a couple cleanses and always get very nervous about running more than 4 miles while on them. I’m glad you listened to your body (and not your alarm clock!) and took it easy 🙂 I love the first run in new shoes – always a great feeling!

  2. I ride my bike occasionally…it’s a great cardio workout. I water ski in the summer and it’s a kick-your-butt upper body workout. Other than that, I don’t do much cross training. I’ll be marathon training soon too!!

  3. I enjoy taking classes at they gym to cross train although I’m currently on a 100+ day running streak so I’m at least running a mile every day! I really enjoyed the 10k distance when I ran because it was longer than the 5k but not as long as a half-marathon!

  4. Jessica, you’re doing great! You are definitely smart to listen to your body, especially while you’ve been on this cleanse, and not push it too much. Kudos to you for getting those mile repeats done; that’s a tough workout! Thanks so much for linking up with the blog; don’t forget to link back to the link up post, if you don’t mind! Hope you have a great day!

  5. I’ve seen a couple of different bloggers do a workout recap like this and I think it’s great! I might have to start doing the same in order to hold myself more accountable! I love the idea of tracking and reporting what I’ve done over the course of a week!

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