Run With the Beavers Trail Race & Recap Link up {15}

Run with the Beavers 5 mile Trail Race Recap

On July 18th, I ran my first trail race. I don’t do any trial running so I had no idea what to expect. The race website said it had technical spots but nothing over the top. I was originally registered for the 10 mile race. The course was a 5 mile loop, done either once or twice depending on which distance you were running. Halfway through the first lap, I decided that would be it. My MCM training called for 9 miles that day but I did not want to risk an injury!

The race started out, uphill, on a dirt path. There were close to 90 runners. The race director gave us some instructions, to keep us on the right path and we were off.

Very quickly, we turned onto a single pass trail. I don’t think it gave people enough time to get in with the right pace. Luckily, I started off in a good place and I was able to keep up with the guy in front of me and didn’t feel chased down by the girl behind me.

The trails were TOUGH. Lots of rocks and roots. Again, I’m not a trail runner so it was a challenge for me. I made the decision to finish after the first lap because MCM is my primary goal. I did not want to risk getting injured and messing with my training. This did alter my mileage for the week but I knew it was the right decision. I would have added on 4 miles of road running but my aunt was at the finish line with my three kids, once I saw them and noticed my littlest was getting fussy, I knew my run was over. And that’s okay!

Around 4.5 miles, the winner of the 10 mile race PASSED ME! He ended up finishing 10 miles a few minutes faster than I finished 5. Pretty amazing stuff! (for him, not me!)

Overall, the race was good – if you’re into trial running. It was well organized. They had a water stop at 2.5/7.5 miles and again prior to the finish or start of your second loop. They had bananas and KIND bars at the finish. Prizes were awarded to overall winner and age group winners for male and female. They also had random prize drawings and I won a tech shirt. 😀

I originally signed up for this race because it was only $10 and I thought, why not? I registered before I knew I was running MCM. The cost did not include any “extras” but they had shirts for sale at the race.

I’m happy I ran it, for the experience, but also happy I stopped after the first loop. My training has been going well and I’d hate to have messed with it!

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Check out Darlene’s recap over at My First 5k. Don’t let the name fool you, she’s run plenty of 5ks (and more)! She always includes nice pictures on her recaps. I’m envious of where she gets to run.

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12 thoughts on “Run With the Beavers Trail Race & Recap Link up {15}

  1. Trail races are fun, but I agree, they are a different animal from road running. The mental fatigue of carefully watching every foot placement really accumulates (I don’t know how hose ultra trail runners do it). Good for you for trying something new!

  2. Yay for your first trail race!! I totally would have done the same thing since it wasn’t the goal race. No need to unnecessarily put yourself at risk for injury before MCM! Trail running is my absolute favorite. I would choose the trail over the road any day. I’m significantly slower than I am on the road, but nature is my happy place 🙂 If you’re looking to get more trail runs under your belt, the Dahlgren Trail Half Marathon {in February} is awesome. It’s on a old rail trail so it’s not technical at all. I’m planning to run it again next year– if you’re interested it would be fun to run together!

    • Sounds fun! I’ll check it out. I’d love to know what races you’re doing in MD/DE/PA next year because I want to race all 50. I prefer nature running over busy streets anyday. My long runs are almost always on the bike path which is our old trail system. I hate getting all the nasty exhaust fumes in my face when running on a busy street.

  3. My goal is to do a trail race sometime this year! It looks like a lot of fun but also a huge challenge. Congrats on finishing your first trail race and for recognizing that your body could only handle one loop!

  4. Good going for your first trail race! Smart decision not to overdo it and risk injury, although I would recommend adding a monthly trail run to your training. It’s great to get off the road once in a while (also helps prevent injuries) and will make you a stronger runner as you engage so many of the stabilizing muscles! As a former cross country runner I love hitting the trails on a regular basis. Linking up this week with an oldie from 2 years ago!

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