Friday 5: Fall Races

This Friday’s 5 is all about fall races. I have a nice line up of races this fall so I’ll start with those.

  1. MARINE CORPS MARATHON – Obviously I’ll start with the best. This is my BIG race this year. My first ever marathon and the reason I’m running all these crazy miles. MCM is in Washington DC on October 25th. It runs through the National mall and other great spots in DC ending at the Iwo Jima Memorial. I cannot wait to run here. Lucky for me Sue is always posting awesome pictures of her running adventures in DC.
  2. B.A.A Half Marathon – Which is in Boston on October 11th. I was already registered for this race before committing to 26.2. Luckily, this race fit in perfectly with my training. As part of my taper, I need 13 miles this weekend. I registered for this as part of the BAA distance medley. (5k in April, 10k in June, Half in October) I think a medley like that is great for someone building up their mileage like I was. It keeps you on track and the races are spaced out just right to train properly for each of them. If you’re not registered for the medley, act quick!, the half sold out in minutes! I’m looking forward to this race and earning TWO medals at the finish line. I love race bling!
  3. Smuttynose Half Marathon – Hampton Beach, New Hampshire on October 4th. The website sells this race as the FLATTEST half in New England. I’m looking forward to heading up there for the weekend to participate in this race. This will strictly be a training run for me. I need 20 miles that weekend so slow and steady is my plan. I am going to get the “extra” 7 out of the way before the race so I can relax and enjoy my Lobster roll and beer afterwards. (part of the entry fee) Also included in the registration fee is a nice 1/4 zip fleece – rather than a tee-shirt. I like having other options seeing as my race shirt collection is taking over my closet!
  4. Surftown Half Marathon – Westerly, RI on September 13th. I’ll be pacing this race!! I think it will really be a great experience. Two years ago, I was registered for this race and got my first ever DNS – read about it here. I feel like this is my redemption run! haha. They always have a cool surfboard related
  5. Any fun themed race – Marathons and half marathons not your thing? Locally, we have several 5k options in the fall/winter. Monster dashes for Halloween, Turkey trots for Thanksgiving, races for Christmas or New Years. These races are a lot of fun! It’s a nice mix between people going out to just dress up and have a good time with their friends and others going out there to run a race. I am hoping to get into one with Mini #1 because he is really looking forward to his next 5K.

I’m linking up with Cynthia, Courtney and Mar for the Friday Five Link up!

  1. Are you running any fall races?
  2. Tell me a fall race that you’ve run in the past.
  3. What is one fall race on your bucket list?
GOTR SoleMate
GOTR SoleMate

9 thoughts on “Friday 5: Fall Races

  1. This looks like a fun list of races. Best of luck on your first full! I’m considering seeing if I can stop by the course to cheer for a while this year. I think it would be fun to do and cheer on other racers.

  2. A lot of people are running MCM. I am doing my first marathon too (Chicago). I hope I am able to do a few fun races and a half marathon or two after that this fall! LOL. GOOD LUCK.

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