MCM Training Week 9

Training for: Marine Corps Marathon October 25, 2015 in Washington, D.C

Method: Run Less, Run Faster Novice Marathon Training

Goal: 4:45:00


46 days until Marine Corps Marathon!

This weeks training went pretty well. I ended up ordering 21 days fix because my nutrition is something I need to work on and I am looking forward to mixing the strength training in without having to leave my house!

Monday: 2×1600, 2×800 with 60 second rest. Total 3.48 miles in 35 minutes

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: plan: 1 easy, 4 at MT, 1 easy actual: 4.5 miles in 46:14 avg 10:22 – 1 easy, 3 at tempo, 0.5 easy. I went out too late for this run and there was no way I could have safely made it to 6 miles. My bad! I won’t lie, I was relieved that I had to cut it short. It was humid and I was feeling sluggish. I don’t enjoy working out late at night.

Thursday: Pilates Fix

Friday: rest – prepping for my long run!

Saturday: plan 16 miles at 11:23 actual 16.08 in 2:57:51 avg pace 11:07/mi another great long run and PR in the books! I only have 18, 20 and 26.2 left! Crazy. I don’t know how people training for marathon after marathon. I’m happy to be nailing these long runs and feeling really good after but it takes A LOT of time. Early mornings, cutting half the day up, being exhausted for the rest of the day. More power to ya! I think I’ll be sticking with halfs and shorter after this. We’ll see though 😉

My trouble is my nutrition during runs. I have been carrying a hydration pack with 2 liters of water. During my 15 miler, I emptied it. During my 16 miler (cooler weather) I came home with 500ml remaining. Food though – I always ate Gu’s and they were giving me stomach trouble so I switched it up a bit. This week I brought pretzels and a PB&J with honey. After my running partner left me (at 9.5 miles) I paused the garmin and ate my sandwich. Okay on a training run but will kill my time during the race. How do you eat REAL FOOD while running??? What am I to do?

Sunday: Yoga Fix – felt amazing after that long run

I’m raising money for Girls On The Run, my goal is $1500 and I’m 60% there! If you are interested in helping me reach my goal please donate here, thank you!

What is your furthest run?

What do you use for fuel during long runs?

GOTR SoleMate
GOTR SoleMate

2 thoughts on “MCM Training Week 9

  1. Great week!! I’m with you on the Gu issue…..suddenly this year, the Gu is in a major fist-fight with my tummy, and my tummy is not winning. Fortunately, most of the time it isn’t until after I’m done running when the discomfort sets in…..but I did a marathon in June and had to make a few too many pit stops. Yuck. Have you tried Plow On gum? I’ve had good luck with that (as an energy source), but I think I still need to find some calorie source….. #stillsearching

  2. I don’t care for GU much, either. I rely on carbs in my hydration (Infinit – has enough calories to manage it and doesn’t take sickly sweet). However, I have previously cut up a clif bar or picky bar into bite size pieces and put them in a little baggy so I could just chew on a little piece every 10 minutes or so.

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