MCM Training Week 10

Training for: Marine Corps Marathon October 25, 2015 in Washington, D.C

Method: Run Less, Run Faster Novice Marathon Training

Goal: 4:45:00


38 days until Marine Corps Marathon!

I took a step bike, mile wise, this week. A lot of things were going on at home – my husband was on vacation and I started the school year off with two boys. That takes a priority for sure, but I also know, this marathon won’t run itself! As with anything, it will take a little adjusting but I’ll get it all to fit together. Somehow, I always do.

Monday: Upper Body Fix – nice to focus on my arms for once

Tuesday: Lower Body Fix – I was sooooo sore after this workout!

Oh and I went on a helicopter ride!

Wednesday: Rest – beach day!!!

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 3.43 miles in honor of the 343 firefighters lost on 9/11

Saturday: rest up for my race the next day

Sunday: plan 12 miles at MP+20 actual 13.1 in 12:35 much slower than I needed but I was chosen to pace the 2:45 finish in a local race (recap tomorrow!) It was such an amazing experience. In my mind the extra mile makes up for the pace … am I wrong here ?? haha

I had been wanting to run this race since I missed out on it 2 years ago (read about that here). The race went well and I felt good during and after it.

Overall, the week wasn’t an ideal training week but family comes first!

I’m raising money for Girls On The Run, my goal is $1500 and I’m 60% there! If you are interested in helping me reach my goal please donate here, thank you!

GOTR SoleMate
GOTR SoleMate

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