MCM Training Week 11

Training for: Marine Corps Marathon October 25, 2015 in Washington, D.C

Method: Run Less, Run Faster Novice Marathon Training. I love this training because it focuses on 3 key runs per week. I used it to train for my first 10k and noticed much improvement.

Goal: 4:45:00


33 days until Marine Corps Marathon!

This week was another off week. I missed out on my tempo run due to scheduling issues. I am still trying to balance life and training, now that our school year has started back up. Plus my long run could only be done on Friday which did not give me much flexibility.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: plan 1000m, 2000m, 2x 1000m with 400m rest. Actual: 4×1000 meter. I arrived at the gym with 40 minutes to get a 43 minute run in. OOPS! So, I made the decision to cut down the 2000m interval and get 4 quality 1000m intervals in. Ended with 3.1 miles in 32:20, avg. 10:26/mi

Thursday: rest up for the LSR

Friday: plan 18 miles at MP+45 actual 18.52 miles at MP+53 (pretty close!)

All I can say is THANK GOD for running friends!!! I don’t know what is was about this run but it would not have been what is was without my friend S. I’ll start from the beginning: we had planned to meet up at 6:30. I considered running the 2 miles to our meeting spot to get a little distance out of the way. I was running 18 and my friend was running 11. I woke up too late to allow for that until I got a text from S saying she couldn’t meet until 7:15. Now I could get even more miles under my belt! I took the long way to our spot and ran a little further before turning around too meet her. I was at 4.25 miles when she got there. We started running our normal route (she has been with me for several of my long runs) and we were both saying how off we felt. For me, nothing really hurt but my hips were tight and my legs felt like lead. Mentally, I just wasn’t feeling it. Nerves, maybe?

Anyway, we trucked along until her watch read 5.6 miles and turned around to head back. I wanted to quit but I kept running because I felt like she needed me too. Turns out she was doing the same for me. (and that’s why RFs rock!!) My watch beeped for 15 miles shortly before she hit 11. I had told her I’d walk with her until the end of the patch and then we’d part ways and both head home.

Knowing I’d be short almost a mile by the time I reached my house, I texted my hubby and asked him to pick me up. I fought myself the entire run and I was over it. I finally turned off my watch at 15.5 miles (3:03:33). I was ecstatic about having run 15 miles. That in itself its a pretty incredible accomplishment. But, I was still disappointed that I had not hit 18 miles, until this point my long runs had been pretty good. Almost too good. I guess I was due for a crappy one….

Later in the day, I put on my big girl pants running shorts and took the kiddos to the gym. I decided to run an even 3 miles since I had started walking at some point between 15.1 and 15.5 miles. I ended with 3.02 in 34:17. I even threw in a little abdominal workout when I was done.

Total: 18.52 miles in 3:37:50 11:46/mi. Overall, I’m very happy with this run. Turns out many people split up their long runs. I know the 3 miles later in the day were MUCH better than what I would have pumped out in the morning. So, while I hope to not have to split any more long runs, I know it is what I needed this week.

See? Sometimes long runs need their own recap post!

Saturday: rest

Sunday: rest

And now? I’m feeling really good – no pain or muscle soreness. I’m ready to tackle my runs this week. Less than 5 weeks until MCM!!!

I’m raising money for Girls On The Run, my goal is $1500 and I’m 63% there! If you are interested in helping me reach my goal please donate here, thank you!

GOTR SoleMate
GOTR SoleMate

3 thoughts on “MCM Training Week 11

  1. I think it was great that you tacked on the 3 miles later. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you planned. I’ve been there so many times lately. My 18 miler did not go according to plan at all. Kind of daunting to think we still have to do that 20 still. But yes, less than 5 weeks to go! I’m ready for this to be over!

  2. Just remember the bad runs actually make us stronger!! We all have them. The key is to put it behind you and move on to the next one! Only a few more weeks til taper time! You’ve got this!

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