Surfotwn Half Marathon Recap & Link Up

Surftown Half Marathon Race Recap

I guess it’s finally time for me to write that recap I promised you last week. #slacker.

So on September 13th, I finally got the chance to run the Surftown Half Marathon in Westerly, RI. I had signed up for this race in 2013 and my car broke down ON THE WAY THERE. (more about that here) And then last year, I was pregnant and not half marathon ready.

My running club was looking for pace teams for this race and I was quick to volunteer. This would be a training run for me so pacing would allow me to get the miles in without feeling the urge to run all out. I requested the 2:30 finish but was asked to run the 2:45 finish. Slower than I needed but good for my first time pacing. It’s a big responsibility! There would be two runners per time to keep each other in check.

Let me just say that this was a really great experience. If you’re ever given the chance to pace, take it!


We were scheduled to meet at 6:30 to get our pace shirts, signs and bibs from our team coordinator. Of course I was late… oops. Only by about 8 minutes but enough to get a text from the “boss”. Sorry! Once we were there and I got all my gear, I waited in the enormous line for the porta-potty. *key info for any race* The line seemed really long but moved pretty fast. They had a nice set up where each line went to a bank of 6 johns in a U shape.

Moving on….

It was overcast! There was a threat of rain but somehow we avoided it the entire race!

The race had a 7:30 start time. The announcers were doing a good job of keeping everyone aware of the time. Packet pick up was available the day of and the two days prior. Traffic was a little heavy getting down the beach where it started. They were allowing cars in on two roads leading from inland to the beach. Luckily it was early and a Sunday so there wasn’t traffic for any other reason and the parking attendants were great at pointing drivers in the right direction. I dropped my friend off so she could run over and grab her bib while I went to park. (She was running the 5K)

At the start line – the pacers all lined up in order and spaced out slightly to help guide the runners. There were no official corrals or waves. We had several people come up to us and let us know that their goal was to stick with us. **Note: the course had a 3 hour cut off.

We started off a little fast to get some time under our belts and allow us to walk through water stations. (they had seven by the way)


The course was nice and flat with the exception of a few rolling hills and one steep one just after miles 10. I mean, why not, right?

I had a great time running and chatting with others. I tried to encourage everyone that I could. We had a nice group going for awhile there and then people starting trailing behind. It killed me to not be able to keep running with them but I. had. to. keep. my pace. BOO! That was the hardest part.

After mile 11 people started cursing us when they saw us pass them with our 2:45 sign. Nothing personal they said. I understand the feeling. Again, I kept trying to encourage them to keep up or pass us.

Our overall pace needed to be 12:35 to finish at the right time. Some miles were a little faster while miles with water stops were a little slower. We each carried a pace sheet with our cumulative time for each mile. Here’s where we ended up…

1- 11:57        8- 13:11

2- 12:00        9- 12:32

3- 12:13       10- 13:14

4- 12:43       11- 12:21

5- 12:36       12- 12:00

6- 13:05       13- 12:01

7- 12:42        0.22- 2:28

Total: 2:45:04

(my watch read 13.22)

Unfortunately we finished alone, with the exception of one girl we passed on the final stretch. I turned back and said “I expect you to beat me to the finish” AND SHE DID! Check out the pic….


I took this time to wait and cheer on the friends I had made along the way. Afterwards, there was chocolate milk (which I missed), water, bananas, chowder, beer and maybe a few other things. One thing that irked me was with a 3 hour limit, they were already packing up some of the refreshments and the time clock only read 3:10 (some people started after the official clock…) but come on man! these back of the packers need these things too.

It wasn’t that they ran out – they were handing out cartons of chocolate milk. Can you tell I’m upset about the chocolate milk?! LOL However, the chowder was really yummy! I gave my beer ticket to my pacing partner as I had to work a little later.

*Pictures courtesy of my friend who was running the 5K

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13 thoughts on “Surfotwn Half Marathon Recap & Link Up

  1. I don’t think I could ever be a pacer, my pace is allll over the place when I run lol Way to go!!

    A 3 hr time limit seems extreme for a half. Most races I’ve ran allow up to a 15-16:00 pace for halfs! I’d be so mad if I finished and didn’t get my post-race goodies! (Especially if it was my 1st half ever, which I’m sure it was for some!)

  2. I’ve neither been a pacer or run with a pacer before. I signed up for the pacer for MCM but not sure if I will stick with them or not….

    • Oh good to know… I didn’t realize we had to sign up. The few times I’ve run with pacers, and when I paced, you just started with the group and either stayed with them or didn’t. No signing up involved.

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